illustration by Christian Guamanzara, Baruch College graduate 2007

Pilot Podcasting Program 2006/07
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Currently On CUNY Radio: The Baruch Business Report
Teaching & Learning With Technology Grants
Art History/First-Year Learning Community: John Maciuika - Art History Student Podcasts (password protected)
Natural Sciences: John Wahlert - Biology Student Podcasts (public)
Executive Education Program: Joseph Onochie & Peter McAliney - Leadership VODcasts (public)
Academic Podcast Projects

Communications 1010 First-Year Learning Community: Suzanne Epstein (password protected) - Commencement Speech Student Podcasts
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4


School of Public Affairs: Sonia Jarvis, Jack Krauskopf, Robert Smith - National Urban Fellows Program Lecture Podcasts (password protected)