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Creating files & describing your files is an important part of making a podcast in GarageBand - step #2 in a series of five steps.  

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Podcast: gb-2createfilesetprefs.pdf.pdf

The third step: Adobe Acrobat file walks through the third step in using GarageBand basic recording processes.  

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Podcast: gb_3recording.pdf.pdf

Creating an "enhanced podcast" (also known as a slideshow or photo essay)? This Adobe Acrobat file walks through the fourth step in using GarageBand - dragging & dropping image files into your Podcast Track.  
Note: Enhanced podcasts (AAC files: .m4a or .m4b files) work in iTunes (on Apples or PC desktops) and on iPods - and usually not on other mobile content devices.  

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Podcast: gb_4addingphotos.pdf.pdf

This Adobe Acrobat file walks through the last step in using GarageBand - compressing your GarageBand sound/image podcast to .m4a format and describing your podcast with important metadata. 

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Podcast: gb_5metadata-settings-exporting.pdf

This GarageBand tutorial is a long Adobe Acrobat file that walks through GarageBand sound and enhanced podcast production from start to finish. 
This manual is 9 pages long. 

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Podcast: Podcast Tutorial - Using GarageBand.pdf

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