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iMovie project files are named filename.iMovie, work with digital video (or .dv) files and work only with iMovie. What's great about iMovie is that you can transport your file (on a firewire drive or DVD for small/short projects) between computers. This is difficult to do with other video editing software. This portability makes iMovie a popular software for education. 

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Podcast: iMovie-creatingnewproject.pdf

In any video file, there is one video track and two audio tracks. If you're using video & audio separately for editing or to create a sound-only podcast file, iMovie quickly and easily separates video and audio. 

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Podcast: iMovie-extractaudio.pdf

This handout explains using still images (photos, graphics, etc.) to edit together a video file that is video-podcasting ready. 

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Chaptering your iMovie file is a way to locate specific spots in your video using Quicktime Player on either Apple or Windows desktop computers. 

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The last step in creating an iMovie file is to export or share your work to the computer or directly to iTunes. This handout walks through these steps. 

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